We are uniquely positioned to appreciate the obstacles facing many of our clients, primarily because some members of our executive have personally faced similar challenges and injustices in their own lives.


To empower our clients and be recognised as the leading provider of African-centred corporate governance and legal solutions.

Our Values

  • Act with integrity and honesty
  • Service excellence
  • Client-focused
  • Respect in all stakeholder interaction
  • Passion for the pursuance of justice
  • Committed to serve with distinction


Truly South African

As one of the country’s pioneering African law firms and unprecedented legal history in the judiciary, MSMM’s service offering is enriched by the fact that it has, and continues to make a contribution to the jurisprudence of South Africa’s new democracy.

Personal & Professional Experience

Our legal specialists combine their personal and professional experience with solid legal expertise and a clear understanding of the South African legal system to fulfill all briefs in the realisation of justice.

Culturally Intricate

Our approach focuses on improving the current legal imbalance in our justice system, by taking the intricacies of different customs, indigenous languages and cultures into account.

We Empower

We strive to empower our clients by ensuring they know and understand their legal rights.

For the majority of South Africans, access to justice remains a major challenge in a country where the law plays a pivotal role in enabling a just and equitable society.